Empowerment or Encouragement?

What is our “What”?

Paul and I often wrestle with the word “empowerment.”  Though usually well intended, it can signify that someone in a greater position or status is helping someone in an inferior position feel stronger or more confident.  

The apostle Paul says it well in I Cor. 3:9—We are co-workers, and God is our boss.  We are no more superior to our Mexican brethren than we are to each other.  We labor together under God’s direction.  

In church yesterday, Pastor Jordon Hansen at Newport Mesa Church reminded us that we are called to be encouragers. Paul and I resonated deeply with this great concept.  Our desire is to see Latino leaders be used by God to reach others —even across cultural, geographical and linguistic boundaries.  Our “what” is encouraging them by every means possible to do just that. 

Whether it is in the classroom setting, or from the church pulpit; whether it is around our dinner table or through a medical outreach, in activities or retreats for teenagers and young adults—

We want to see people become confident in their own ability to witness and disciple. 

We are eager to return to Mexico.  We are eager to find university graduates who can start a church amongst university students.

We are eager to see the medical ministry be self-sustaining and self-governing.

Two doctors, two dentists and three pastors all part of the medical ministry

We are eager to see opportunities spring up all round the country to teach about sex abuse prevention.

And we are eager to read the theology textbooks our Mexican brethren write from their own cultural and ministerial lenses.

We can go to encourage only because you encourage us with your prayers, your offerings. and your monthly support.  What a privilege it is to labor together.

Thank you.

Sandy and Paul

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    1. Hi Carol- sorry- just now seeing this. Oh my, storing dishes after all these years. You have a big super de duper crown waiting for you in heaven! We’d love to see you guys. Our weekends are pretty booked. Maybe at some point during the week?


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