Terrific Tacos and Trust

The Mercado de Portales (Portales Market) is located three blocks from our apartment in Mexico City. On one particular corner in the market there is almost always a large group of people standing around with a plate in one hand a taco in the other. Welcome to Tacos Don Mario. I have always thought that with a great salsa and a fresh tortilla any taco would taste amazing. Don Mario’s salsas are all that and more, but he then adds fabulously tasty carnes (meats). Carne asada, bistec, chuleta, chorizo, or more exotic flavors like nana, tripas, higado, o machito.

Andrew and Dad eating a taco…or two.

Don Mario founded his taco stand 37 years ago. Today all the employees are family members. Uncles, aunts, cousins and grandchildren work hard to prepare all the delicious food and make sure that customers are served quickly.

When it comes time to pay they ask the customer, “cuántos comiste?” “How many did you eat?” First, you note that they take your word for it. Second, when the person says that they are a bit short and don’t have enough cash, the response is “don’t worry about, you’ll get me next time.” They are sure you will be back (the flavor removes all doubt), but they are more concerned with the customer leaving full and satisfied than they are about being taken advantage of.

Ministry is similar. If our biggest concern is never being taken advantage of we will lose all opportunity to help people in need. There’s no question we will, at some point, be deceived by people who know how to play the system. But if our primary motivation is never wanting to lose that which is not ours to begins with we will never be a blessing to anyone. That would be the greatest loss.

We hope to be back in Mexico City by the end of summer 2020. If you find yourself in Mexico City, let’s have some tacos. Don Mario will be waiting.

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Paul and Sandy Kazim

The Good, The Road, and the People of God

The good, the bad, … and the ugly?

Yup—there’s a Western in there somewhere, but today we’re hanging up our Stetsons and talking about the wild frontier of “itineration.”

Missionaries itinerate every few years—the dictionary defines this as “going from place to place”.

Returning to the U.S. for a year after being away for so long has good benefits:

–We get to reconnect with people who have had our backs.

–We get to see our kids, our family, and celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with them.  Woot woot!

–We get to say thank you in person to all those who pray faithfully and give sacrificially.

–We get to make new friends. 

And yes, here’s the bad of itineration:

–Our ministry and life in another country come to a screeching halt—a year-long interruption.

–What do we do with our stuff?? The furniture, the dishes, Paul’s bazillion books and notes, the little tchotchkes collected as we go about our life—that we hold on to as reminder of where and with whom we have just spent years and how they blessed our life.

–Having to set up a temporary residence for the time in the U.S.

–Having to learn how the U.S. culture, lingo, and people have changed during our absence and how to communicate our call all over again.

BUT—we realize we can’t return to Mexico without adjusting yet again to life in the U.S., and then once the challenge of adjusting is met, we recognize that the bad is not so bad after all. 

We might be tempted to focus on this bad, and even to call it ugly.  But the reality is, this is part of a holistically good process, that enables us to participate in the mission and purpose God has for His people here in the U.S., and in Mexico.

We have good, and we have some bad, but praise the Lord, we have no ugly (unless you count the guy below).

We have a beautiful and loving tribe made up of His good people.

So, we are reframing the wild Western of this year of our lives from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, to The Good, the Road, and the People of God

Thank you for being our people, and for walking with us on this road.

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