El Grito (The Shout)

At exactly midnight last night, all over Mexico, calls and responses of “¡Viva la Independencia!” “¡Viva la Libertad!” and “¡Viva Mexico!” were shouted from balconies, rooftops, and through neighborhoods, as people celebrated the historic events of September 16, 1810. The President of Mexico leads thousands of people in The Grito from the Palacio Nacional in our home of Mexico City.

Yes, today, September 16th, is Mexico’s 209th birthday as a free country; independent, no longer ruled by Spain.

That Grito was given all over Mexico last night in Spanish, but did you know that Spanish is only one of the official languages recognized by the Mexican government?  As a matter of fact, there are sixty-eight recognized official languages in Mexico, with over three-hundred variants.

This map illustrates where you might most easily find each indigenous language.

God loves every one of those peoples and language groups, every tribe, and every nation (Rev. 7:9). He knows them each by name. Each of them must be included in worshiping the Lamb of God who sits on the Throne.

In the state of Durango, one way Huichol men celebrate their Mexican heritage is by wearing this decorative headgear.

As we shout and proclaim the freedom we find in Jesus, we must invite every one of our Mexican brothers and sisters to join.

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for more workers amongst all peoples of Mexico. 

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