For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes. (Prov. 24:16)

It would seem that:

At some point we could see each other, face to face, hug, reminisce about the good ol’ days.

And yet Covid cases are up everywhere, and now young people who have not had access to a vaccine, or a completed series of two doses, are the ones who are becoming quite ill. Just in the past month five more pastors have died, two of them young, one leaving behind a wife and two very young children.

It would seem that we could jump immediately into all the options we have dreamed about.

     And yet, in light of the surge in Covid infections the UNAM will be selective in who and how many can study on campus. The option to take one class, with the purpose of meeting new people, is on pause in order to make way for others who need to study be able to do so.

The possibility of launching out once again with medical outreaches is on pause so that the medical personnel can continue to fight the disease on the front lines in their own geographical areas. They cannot abandon their posts.

The option of breaking bread together as we brainstorm and dialogue about how to teach and disciple is

on hold as we go back to wearing masks with each other until all of our “social bubbles” have adequate immunity. It is for other’s sake that we continue to mask up.

It would seem that God is silent, and we should throw in the towel.

And yet, He is NOT. Emmanuel is here. God’s people in Mexico continue to show an amazing resiliency. They might fall down, but they get up again. Their focus is on what and Who is eternal. Just last week we were offered an apartment near the UNAM campus to start mid-week activities (English conversation and Bible study). The young pastor let us know it was ours to use at no charge to us. Excuse me while my eyes water up. As soon as it is in the best public health interest of the university age group to be around each other masks off, we are starting up!

Pastors kids from different regions of the country have or will be studying at the UNAM. One young kid wrote me to say “I’m ready to work. Sign me up for whatever you would have me do on campus”. Yup, grabbing some tissues.

The medical team continues to work tirelessly to be a part of seeing this pandemic become endemic. Despite the ability to not come together in person, there are plans in the works for the future. The desire to be a blessing and be a part of a church planting movement through medical outreaches is alive and well.

Paul is receiving invitations to teach. We are grateful for technology that allows this to continue to happen so that those in high risk areas can still continue to be equipped in the pastorate. If you would like to help in the purchase of books for Bible School libraries, the needs are great. Right now, Paul and our regional presbyter are focusing on getting a library equipped for the Mazahua region in the northwest area of the state of Mexico. Paul has also begun to receive invitations to teach. The ad below is for the second annual Latin America summit, and he will also be teaching pastors via Zoom in the month of August.

We wait for God’s timing and plans. Yet we focus on what is happening now. Here in Mexico City there is a collective grieving, and at the same time a collective rubbing of shoulders as we all face this battle together. The war has been won. Yet the battle continues.

We will be returning to California the end of August for a short week as we celebrate the wedding of our son Andrew to Rachael. Upon returning, we hope to have our STL car so that we can visit areas that need encouragement and support. Because of the pandemic, all car agencies are experiencing a back log in getting cars and processing paperwork. We continue to wait.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Paul and Sandy Kazim

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