Celebrating Valentine’s Day the Kazim Way

A nickname is a familiar or sometimes humorous name given to someone instead of their real name.  So, what’s your nick- name?  My husband calls me The Queen of the Universe.  I have been known to let everybody else know that they are welcome to call me that too.  One of the last names my wonderful Albanian father in law gave me was “Queenie”. 

Mexicans are famous for bestowing nicknames to their families, their friends, and even to their favorite politician, soccer player or other famous people.  It is their way of welcoming you into their inner circle.  For me it’s one of the most delightful elements of Mexican culture.

Jesus was known by several other names.  The Angel let the Virgin Mary know He would also be called Emmanuel.
God with us. 

Jesus gave nicknames to other people that he encountered. On more than one occasion, he called a woman hija, that is daughter.  Paul says that through Jesus we become sons and daughters of God (Gal. 3:26). 

That identity is what APV ministries teaches every year during camps that they host for young women in July, and young men in October, in Baja California, Mexico.  The camps are three days long. There are times of worship, games, concerts, parties, but most significantly, speakers and counselors teach kids that God gives them a name and wants to welcome them into His family. They learn that God the Father values them, and as a result they are worthy of respect from others.  Nobody should treat them, nor should they treat others as objects.  Instead, they learn that their identity and their value is found in Emmanuel. 

I have learned that the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to give kids the opportunity to learn about His amazing love as expressed by the people of APV.  Would you join me in sponsoring a kid or making sure that these camps continue?  I’d love to see a camp started once a year in every region of Mexico.  Why not incorporate that element of Mexican culture into Kingdom values. 

I’m not just Sandy.   With my kids and husband, I’m the queen.  But I’m actually His mi’ja, His daughter. I’m a part of a Kingdom where my crown doesn’t really matter because I’ll want to cast it away when I see Christ on the Throne. 

Thank you for supporting us. To give an offering towards these camps or sponsor a child to attend one, please click on the link below.   You can also follow APV on Facebook: 

Paul and Sandy Kazim

AGWM Central México
Acct. #243357


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