It has been too long (guess who has the camera)

–Since we were able to hug our kids. (We miss Rachael. She is at U.W. finishing her studies)

–Since we sat at the same table with friends to eat and/or encourage one another.

–Since we could sit together, sing together and do church together.

–And it certainly has been way too long since we were able to work with our friends in Mexico.

–COVID has kept us in the US. Now something else delays our return to Mexico

We need $1000 more in monthly pledges and $5000 more in cash in order to return.

So why support us financially?

–Because we represent you in church planting. We want to see new churches established—whether the churches are started by bi-vocational Mexican health care providers (who are also ministers along with a pastor who commits to staying), or whether the new church is established by Mexican university grad who catch a vision and reach out to the main university in Mexico City.

Your monthly pledge allows us to work with those medical professionals in coordinated efforts to target areas with little or no gospel ministry. Beyond the medical care, the purpose is establishing new churches.

Sandy is also interested in taking a class at the UNAM and beginning to link new found friends to a network where a student led congregation begins to grow.

–Because Mexico needs theological reflection that is Mexican. Paul has already started working with local pastors to develop training materials that are 100% Mexican. The end goal will be books whose emphases reflect his 20 years of teaching in Mexico. This will serve as a resource for future students and ministers.

–Because our Mexican friends and co-workers have experienced great loss due to the pandemic. It has been very difficult being so far away. Over 150 Assemblies of God pastors have succumbed to COVID. 

You can commit to a monthly offering, just by clicking the link below. After an extra year in the U.S. we are anxious to leave. Our hope is to be firmly established in Mexico City by July of this year. 

Unable to pledge monthly? You can give a one/time offering. Cash gifts will allow us to purchase portable oxygen concentrators for the medical outreaches for treating people facing COVID issue for a long time to come. Each concentrator costs $1500. To contribute to the medical outreach, click on the link below and ear mark you gift for class 50. All funds sent to class 50 are used solely for the purchase of medical equipment and transportation of supplies for each medical outreach. The medical personnel all raise their own funds for medicine and travel to each clinic.

We are only able to do this because of your faithful support.  Thank you.

Paul and Sandy Kazim

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